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Xuma Collaborative
Charge Ahead, Embrace Uncertainty
for Success and Sustainability
The significant
problem we face
cannot be solved at
the same level of
thinking we were at
when we create them.

-Albert Einstein
Welcome to Xuma Collaborative!  

I'm an executive and life coach and whole system transformation consultant.
Put simply, I help individuals find professional fulfillment; I help people work
together more effectively as members of a team; and I help companies and
nonprofits adapt their management practices and organizational culture to
better fit their changing needs.  (For more details on my background, please
see our
About Us page or check out my resumé.)
Executive and Life Coaching

My coaching services are aimed at helping people be as fulfilled and as
effective as possible in their professional lives.  I work with individuals to
assist them in assessing where they are, determine what they want, and
develop a learning and integration plan to get to where they want to be.
People often find an executive coach a helpful resource when they're...

  •    Starting a new job
  •    Taking on new responsibilities
  •    Coping with a changing environment
  •    Considering a new position or career
  •    Addressing areas for improvement
  •    Simply trying to get "unstuck"

I also work with groups and teams looking to improve and increase the
group's effectiveness or to strengthen the relationships within the group.  
Coaching services tailored for groups include:

  •    Meeting and retreat facilitation
  •    Team-building exercises
  •    Improving communication
  •    Conflict resolution

I'd be happy to have an initial conversation to discuss your needs and how
we might work together.  Send me an
Whole System Change

My organization and human system change services are aimed at helping
companies, communities and individuals negotiate transitions successfully.  I
work with people to help them initiate, prepare for and implement changes to
their professional and personal practices.  My goal in each engagement is to
insure that the organization is not only better equipped to meet its
immediate needs but also better prepared for the future.

Whole System Change services include...

  •    Needs assessments to determine the suitability of current
             management practices, resources and culture
  •    Interviews and surveys to gather feedback from staff, customers
             clients and other stake holders
  •    Recommendations for changes in management practices
  •    Ongoing support to implement change initiatives

I'd be happy to have an initial conversation to discuss your needs and how
we might work together.  Send me an