Improve Leadership with Whole Person Learning

Becoming an effective leader cannot be accomplished “in five easy steps” or “with my
proven program.” It involves an on-going process of developing one’s personal
mastery and deeper self-knowledge.

Neuroscience now tells us 95% of the brain’s information comes from all five (WPL) is
one way to shift from linear, one dimensional thinking to more dynamic, whole
brain/whole body knowing. WPL is a lifelong journey of growing our awareness of:

•        Knowing how we know so that we can get out of our own way
•        Discovering our individual learning styles
•        Deep listening
•        The balance between right and left brain strengths
•        Our creative process
•        Being wholly present

At this session you can begin your journey through WPL and start develop practices
that empower you to respond with greater awareness and choice instead of merely
reacting. You’ll find yourself better able to lead through periods of uncertainty and
chaos, and connect with possibilities for creativity and innovation. This session is an
experiential introduction to WPL and its practices.

How will my attendance at your workshop enable me to change myself or my organization
in a way that will also make the world better?

If an individual desires to transform a relationship, a team, a company, a nation, or the
world, the process must begin with self-transformation. You can’t expect “others” to
change without leading, modeling, and seeking change within yourself. You can’t lead
a team, or develop a family or society if you see yourself separate from the whole.

From a systems thinking perspective, mind and body are a system, each affect the
other. They combine to create our spirit, and telegraph how we engage in the world.
Our effectiveness and our state of being are interdependent. Our physical, mental and
emotional reactions affect each other. When we are upset emotionally it affects our
thinking and shows up in the body. When the body is sick or hurt it affects our
thoughts and emotional state.  How we think and feel affects how we interact. The
fragmentation of being produces ineffective perception, strategy and interaction.

We know that for organizations to be successful there must be an alignment of
mission, values, leadership, employees, and service/contribution to society. What we
hope to accomplish with the session is to ignite a spark so people can channel this
reconnected energy toward a more integrated life, rather than resisting or ignoring it.
Aligning our thoughts, feelings and actions, allows energy to flow freely and creatively
affecting affect our ability to work, play, live and be.  Greater connection with the mind,
emotions, body, and spirit is the beginning of the process. By acting on our new found
awareness we naturally spread the spirit of harmony into the world.
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