The roots of the English word for learning originated with the Indo-
European “leis”, a noun meaning “track” or “furrow”. To “learn”
came to mean gaining experience by following a track presumably
for a lifetime.

The Chinese characters on the left represent the word “learning.”

The first character means to study. It is composed of two parts: a
symbol that means “to accumulate knowledge” above a symbol for
a child in a doorway. The second character means to practice
constantly, and it shows a bird developing the ability to leave the
nest. The upper symbol represents flying; the lower symbol, youth.
For the Eastern mind, learning is on-going. “Study” and “practice
constantly” together, suggest that learning should mean: “mastery
of the way of self-improvement”.
The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook: Senge, Kleiner, Roberts, Ross, Smith. 1994
Xuma Collaborative
Charge Ahead, Embrace Uncertainty
for Success and Sustainability
About Us

The word "Xuma" comes from an ancient Chinese battle cry. It
means "charging horse."

We at Xuma Collaborative have a passion for achieving
breakthrough results by creating healthy “cultures of excellence”
and optimizing conditions for individual and team performance.

Our purpose is to help people, organizations and communities
charge ahead by creating conditions that allow for positive change
to emerge.  

We accomplish this by:

  • Consulting, partnering and coaching people on leadership, strategic
    initiatives and management.

  • Designing and facilitating business meetings with teams and provide ongoing
    consulting support as organizations strive to meet their goals, visions and

  • Leading and facilitating inquiry processes to clarify current reality, mission
    and vision.

  • Providing organizational development and training services to clients with an
    emphasis on operational process optimization, group facilitation, team
    building, issue identification and resolution, mission/vision/team/task
Xuma Collaborative
Charge Ahead, Embrace Uncertainty
for Success and Sustainability
Times of growth are
beset with difficulties.
But these difficulties
arise from the
profusion of all that is
struggling to attain
form.  Everything is in
motion:  Therefore, if
one perseveres, there
is a prospect of great
--I Ching
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